Designed without a lid but a silicone band to keep your name cards in place - its number can be always seen at a glance and you can always tell when a refill is needed.

When you untie the silicone band, your name cards will automatically come out from the case. And when you tie it back after use, your name cards will automatically go down and return into the case. Just one smooth and intuitive tying and untying movement could allow you to present your name card very naturally with confidence.

Depend on the cards' thickness, "I AM" can store approximately 18 cards, suitable for business name cards, ID cards, credit cards, gift cards and more. The surface of this aluminum case is fabricated by the anodising process, which makes it durable as well as gives it a professional appearance and feeling. "I AM" is designed with a combination of simplicity and practicality.

"I AM" is the winner of:
- Japan Good Design Award
- HKDA Global Design Awards
- Hong Kong Smart Design Award
- Gold Award of German Design Award

Size: 60 x 103 x 10mm; Weight: 148g


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